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Learn More About Temple City, CA

Temple City is located in Los Angeles County and is home to 34,000 Californians. Temple City was once known for a predominantly Caucasian population which has since greatly diversified with increasing Asian and Mexican populations. Temple City hosts a number of annual events but each February issues a new Temple City Camellia Festival that’s complete with a parade and street fair.
Temple City is also a great place to find a lawyer. Lawyers in Temple City take a lot of different kinds of cases including bankruptcy, wrongful termination, immigration visa, DUI cases and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently in Temple City, a luxury rug company named Monsour filed a lawsuit against actor Bruce Willis in Los Angeles County Superior Court over a stained rug. Monsour employees brought the rug to Willis’ residence after he had it altered but just a few days later were called back because he wanted to return it. When Monsour personnel arrived the rug was stained. Willis denied staining it and refused to pay for it. Monsour is seeking $27,700 to recoup the cost of the rug which was discounted 10% for Willis.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Temple City you will be heading to the Los Angeles County Superior Court which has jurisdiction over most cases that arise in the area. California Superior Courts are solely responsible for taking personal injury and civil, criminal, juvenile, traffic, and probate cases among others. The U.S. Immigration court in Los Angeles, California will be your location of clearing up any visa, deportation, or citizenship issues.
LegalMatch prescreens all their lawyers in Temple City, allows you to read reviews from past clients, check availability, and see quoted prices before you have to make any decisions. You may also want to check out our Forums that cover many legal topics and our tips section to learn more about selecting the best lawyer for your particular case in Temple City.
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