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Learn More About Martinez, CA

Martinez isn’t only the birthplace of Joe DiMaggio; it is also famously where a group of beavers built their dam in 2007 and continue to thrive. Martinez city officials spend large amounts of money to quell flood anxiety and still keep the beavers amidst teacher layoffs and city service reduction due to financial hardship.

A number of knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with local Contra Costa County court procedures live in Martinez. Lawyers in Martinez take many different kinds of cases; some normal examples include: child custody, DUI, green card immigration, bankruptcy, and civil cases.

Martinez was recently awarded $1.5 Million in damages by the authority of the Contra Costa County Superior Court for the Texaco oil spill that damaged Suisun Bay Shoreline. The leaky pipeline spilled some 13,000 gallons of oil into Mococo Marsh killing fish, grasses, and other wildlife. Contra Costa County originally filed criminal charges against Texaco, however, dropped the case because Texaco agreed to pay $138,000 to the county’s public agencies.

If you’re thinking about filing a lawsuit in Martinez, you’ll be visiting the Contra Costa County Superior Court and filing with the Civil Division. Pending criminal charges like a DUI or felony will earn you a summons to the Criminal Division. Domestic issues like divorce, child custody, and child support are handled by filing with the Family Division.

The best way to find a Martinez lawyer is through LegalMatch. After entering a brief synopsis of your legal issue, pre-screened lawyers in Martinez and Contra Costa County will review your case and quote you a price. LegalMatch guarantees your satisfaction and the service is free! If you aren’t familiar with Martinez and local courts, feel free to do some research in our LegalCenter.

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