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Learn More About Dublin, CA

Dublin is known as the crossroads of the Bay Area because it is equidistant to San Jose and Oakland at the intersection of two critical highways. Dublin is home to major headquarters like Sybase Inc. and Arlen Ness, and is also known for its great St. Patrick’s Day Parade and street fair.

Many Bay Area lawyers can be found in Dublin. Lawyers in Dublin take a wide range of cases including business contract disputes, chapter 7 bankruptcies, criminal law cases like felonies and DUIs, and any other legal issue that you may face.

Recently, Save Mart supermarket in Dublin was implicated in a class action lawsuit alongside many other Save Mart locations for not adequately protecting against consumer identification theft. The lawsuit estimates over a quarter million credit card customers were presented with forms that required them to fill out their telephone number, which is prohibited by California State law to prevent credit card and identity theft.

If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Dublin, you are most likely to be visiting the Alameda County Superior Court. The superior court had jurisdiction over family cases like divorce and child custody, as well as criminal, juvenile, and traffic/ordinance violations. The superior court also handles real property disputes up to $25,000 and small claims up to $5,000. Figuring out your court in Dublin is fairly simple, however, the legal process can be very confusing and it’s helpful to know you’re on the right track.

The best way ensure confidence in your case is to hire a bar certified Dublin lawyer from LegalMatch. All of LegalMatch’s lawyers are bar certified and you can review the lawyers’ past reviews, prices, and availability before you make a selection. One of the best parts is that your satisfaction is guaranteed. LegalMatch allows you to stop taking referrals from friends and phonebooks, instead putting you in the driver’s seat and letting the quality pre-screened lawyers come to you.

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