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Learn More About Sherman Oaks

Part of the city of Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks was originally developed as a small residential community in the early 1900s. A land developer named Moses Sherman originally purchased the land and then sold it in anticipation of the large Los Angeles aqueduct that would bring much needed water and development to the area.
Sherman Oaks lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, real estate, family law, and many more.
Sherman Oaks residents recently were awarded almost $2 million thanks to the hard work of their lawyers in Sherman Oaks. The family was raided by local police officers in an insurance fraud investigation and $1 million in assets was seized. The Sherman Oaks family sued the police over what they alleged was an unconstitutional search and seizure, and won.
Lawyers in Sherman Oaks are familiar with the Los Angeles County Superior Court System. The largest court system in California and serving a population larger than many states, having an experienced local Sherman Oaks lawyer will help you navigate your way through the complicated Los Angeles County Court system.
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