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Learn More About Redwood Coast, CA

The Redwood Coast is home to some of the most scenic landscapes in California. The Redwood Coast is also known as the California North Coast and the Redwood Empire. The Del Norte Titan is located in the Redwood Coast Region and is one of the largest trees in the world standing taller than a football field.

The Redwood Coast is also home to a number of knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with Redwood Coast courts. Lawyers in the Redwood Coast take many different kinds of cases; some examples include chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, child custody, DUI, immigration, and personal injury cases.

Recently in the Redwood Coast, Mendocino County officials exterminated nearly 27,000 marijuana plants found growing in the Mendocino National Forest over the course of 10 days. It was also reported that 5 firearms and nearly $100,000 of packaged product was seized during the raids. County officers have indicted 15 people on an array of charges from cultivation to intent to sell and possession.

If you have a criminal case like DUI or felony charges pending against you, you’re likely to visit a California Superior Court. California courts have many divisions with which to file and it’s imperative to do so correctly so that you don’t lose time or money.

LegalMatch is a service that provides you with a selection of pre-certified lawyers in the Redwood Coast Region for free! Our website also provides reference materials like an online law library, forums on many legal topics, newsletters, and tips for selecting the best lawyer for your needs.

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