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Learn More About Saratoga, CA

Saratoga is a city in Santa Clara County, California, with a population of approximately 30,000 residents. In 2008, CNN/Money ranked Saratoga number 4 in its listing of top-earning towns. In 2009, Forbes ranked Saratoga as one of America’s top 20 most educated small towns. Major attractions include Villa Montalvo, Hakone Gardens, and the Mountain Winery.

In March 2010, David Boyer Prince, a Saratoga attorney, was arrested and arraigned on twelve counts of wire fraud. The indictment alleged that Prince carried out an investment fraud scheme from August 2005 to January 2007 to induce victims to invest by falsely promising them that their principal was guaranteed and that they would receive rates of return as high as 5 to 25 percent a month. In reality, Prince did not handle investors’ money in a manner that would guarantee their principal, nor did he deliver investors the high rates of return he had promised.

Violations of federal law are heard by the US federal District Courts. Such violations arising out of Saratoga are heard by the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Most legal matters are heard by the state courts, specifically the Santa Clara Superior Court. The Superior Court has multiple departments hearing specific types of legal proceedings. Civil cases are heard in the Downtown Superior Court, the Old Courthouse, and the South County Courthouse. Criminal charges are presided over by the Hall of Justice in downtown San Jose, as well as the Terraine Drug Court and the Palo Alto, South County and Sunnyvale Courthouses. Family matters, such as divorce, restraining orders, child custody and support, and marital property divisions, are heard by the court in downtown San Jose. Juvenile Court handles cases of children under 18 years old who violate any law, and of children who are abused or neglected. Probate cases in Santa Clara County are heard at the Downtown Superior Court. The small claims courts are heard in the Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and Morgan Hill courthouses. Lastly, traffic courts are located in Santa Clara, as well as in the North County and South County courthouses. Traffic courts preside over DUI cases.

Whether your case is large or small, you will want an attorney in the Saratoga area who is familiar with the Santa Clara Superior Court system. Your lawyer’s familiarity with this court will be an important factor in your case going forward. Let LegalMatch match you with a local pre-screened attorney for your case, simply visit our site and fill out our online questionnaire to begin your search.

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