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Learn More About Ventura, CA

The city of Ventura is located in Southern California and is well known for having some of the best surfing spots in the area. However, Ventura was not always well known. For much of its history, the city was not visited very much by tourists and mainly kept to itself. Currently, Ventura is a thriving hub of economic activity. With an active nightlife and plenty of things to do during the day, Ventura has become a great city to visit and vacation in.

If you are facing legal charges in Venture, you will probably want to speak to one of the many qualified Ventura lawyers in the area. These attorneys regularly practice in areas of law like personal injury, reckless driving, criminal defense, DUI, divorce, tax, child custody, real estate, and many others.

A local law firm recently won one of the biggest personal injury claims in Ventura history for their client who was injured in an automobile accident. The woman was driving down a road when a pickup truck that was in the oncoming lanes flipped over the median after being in a collision and landed on top of the woman’s car. As a result the woman, a single mother, suffered permanent brain injuries that will require her to have supervision for the rest of her life. The Ventura jury awarded the woman $22 million in damages which covered her past and future medical bills, lost earning potential, and a nanny for her 10 year old daughter.

If you have been named a party to a lawsuit in Ventura, you will probably have to report to the Superior Court of California County of Ventura. While you are at this court, you will have to observe all of the local rules that govern the proceedings in this court. A Ventura lawyer who knows these rules can help you.

If have already been called into a lawsuit, or think that you may be, now would be a good time to consult a Ventura lawyer. While the process of finding an attorney to represent you may seem daunting, is here to make it easier for you. After presenting your case into our system, local lawyers who are interested in representing you will be in contact with you. There is never any pressure to hire any of these legal professionals, and if you do, how you proceed from there is entirely up to you.

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