Top 20 Legal Tips from LegalMatch

Do I need a Lawyer?

  1. Define your problem carefully before considering hiring a lawyer
  2. Ask yourself, and others, if it is possible and prudent to solve your own problem
  3. Determine the immediacy of your situation

Finding a Lawyer - How to find a lawyer and why you need one.

  1. Find a lawyer that best suits your needs
  2. Read legal advertisements carefully
  3. Consider more than one lawyer

Hiring a Lawyer

  1. Don't hire a lawyer who actively solicits your business
  2. Make sure you understand what you're paying for
  3. Learn how you can fire a lawyer
  4. Check out your lawyer's record
  5. Know your options and make sure your lawyer gives you them

Working with a Lawyer

  1. Ask yourself these 11 questions — and be able to answer them
  2. Establish ground rules with your lawyer
  3. Develop a strategic legal plan
  4. Temper what you are getting vs. what it's costing you on an ongoing basis

Legal Fees

  1. Understand where all the legal fees are generated
  2. Have realistic payment expectations
  3. Always look at your lawyer's monthly bill
  4. Always evaluate your lawyer
  5. If you are happy or unhappy with your lawyer, do something

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