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Learn More About Hayward, CA

Not many cities owe their existence to a card game. Hayward can claim that unique distinction and then some. The town is named after William Hayward, a New England shoemaker who came to California seeking his fortune during the Gold Rush. Hayward purchased 40 acres of land from a notable landowner, and then purchased even more when the owner lost it all in a card game. The town of Hayward slowly grew on the land, and is currently the sixth largest city in the Bay Area.

Finding a lawyer in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country may seem overwhelming. can help narrow the search by matching you with experienced local Hayward attorneys. These lawyers are pre-screened and outstanding advocates that know your rights and are ready to help you solve your legal issue.

Hayward attorneys help their clients in areas such as criminal law, immigration law, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy law, real estate transactions, and many others. In 2003, Hayward attorneys secured a $4 million settlement for their clients in a landlord tenant dispute. Tenants alleged that their apartment buildings contained unsanitary living conditions such as toxic mold, leaky pipes and cracking walls. Most tenants used their awards to escape the apartment building and purchase or rent new homes.

Knowing correct courtroom procedure can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing your case. Although all attorneys in California are licensed to practice throughout the entire state, different courts have different rules. Hayward attorneys practice in the Alameda County Superior Court system. With LegalMatch, you can rest assured that you will be matched with a local Hayward attorney familiar with the ins and outs of courts in Hayward.

Before speaking to a Hayward attorney, you might want to learn more about your legal issue. Check out’s LegalCenter. It offers a variety of free legal resources to help you understand whatever problems you might be facing. Our LawLibrary contains over 3000 articles covering the most common legal issues. Also don’t miss our top 20 legal tips for information on understanding legal fees and things to keep in mind when having your first consultation with an attorney.

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