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Learn More About Calexico, CA

The city of Calexico is located on the very southern border of California. The city derived its name from combining the words "California" and "Mexico" because it sits on the Mexican border. Even though the population of Calexico is under 30,000, more than 60,000 people pass through the town each day. Much of the police time in Calexico is spent making sure traffic congestion does not get bad with so many cars passing through the city.

If you need legal assistance in Calexico, there are a number of highly talented Calexico lawyers in town. These attorneys are skilled in a number of areas of law including immigration, deportation, tax, bankruptcy, traffic citations, DUI, drug charges, personal injury, automobile accidents, divorce and more.

Federal officials in Calexico recently arrested two United States citizens for allegedly smuggling cocaine across the border. One of the smugglers had built a specially concealed compartment underneath the engine of his car and was caught with over $100,000 worth of cocaine after a dog alerted on his vehicle. With the increased drug trafficking as well as the increased violence that is occurring as a result of the drug cartels in Mexico, the Federal Government has increased the presence of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in Calexico.

The residents of Calexico are served by the Superior Court of Imperial County. This is a court of general jurisdiction and the most likely place that your case will end up. However, if your case involves only out of state defendants, or other federal matters, you could have to report to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, which is located in San Diego. Your attorney should be able to tell you which court your case will be heard in.

LegalMatch can help you find the right Calexico attorney for your situation. Our free online legal matching service will match you to pre-screened local lawyers who have experience with legal situations like yours. We also provide you with other useful information such as attorney profiles and an online legal library in our LegalCenter.

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