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Learn More About Richmond, CA

The city of Richmond was once the location of the largest winery in the world, and today the city is a busy sea port that has quite the past. Richmond’s population really took off during World War II when it became the construction site for many ships for the Navy. There were so many workers in this shipyard that they had to create their own healthcare system for them. This health care system eventually became Kaiser Permanente HMO.
If you are facing civil or criminal charges in Richmond, you should probably consult with one of the many qualified Richmond lawyers in the area. These attorneys regularly practice in areas of law such as criminal defense, burglary, DUI, child custody, divorce, bankruptcy, tax, civil rights, personal injury, and many others.
An environmental group recently sued the city of Richmond claiming that the city’s approval of Chevron’s oil refinery expansion project was illegal and that the city concealed key facts about the project. The group is alleging that the project will allow Chevron to process heavier and dirty oil, which could result in more airborne pollutants, as well as a greater chance for a spill. The group is relying on the California Environmental Quality Act in its lawsuit against the city of Richmond because it requires government agencies to look carefully at any proposed project and determine and report whether there are any dangers.
If you have been summoned to court from an action that arose in Richmond, you will likely have to report to the Superior Court of California County of Contra Costa. This court hears both civil and criminal cases. A local Richmond attorney who is knowledgeable of the subject matter of your case would be a great person to have by your side when you enter the courthouse. is a great online tool that allows you to find Richmond lawyers in your area quickly and easily. After submitting your case into our online system, experienced local attorneys will contact you. Unlike some other sites, LegalMatch will never pressure you to hire any of them, and we also provide you with valuable information like past client reviews.
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