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Learn More About Burlingame, CA

The city of Burlingame is located in the San Francisco Peninsula and runs along a large stretch of the San Francisco Bay. Burlingame was originally founded and settled by wealthy San Francisco residents who wanted second homes with a better climate. With the growth of the San Francisco International Airport, Burlingame has also seen extensive growth in both population as well as prosperity.

There are a number of highly talented Burlingame lawyers that are ready to assist you after you have had legal charges filed against you. These attorneys are knowledgeable in many areas of law including bankruptcy, foreclosure, personal injury, intellectual property, DUI, criminal defense, divorce and more.

A Burlingame family recently entered into a settlement agreement with Caltrain, SamTrans, Amtrak and other agencies for the wrongful death of their son. The boy was hit and killed by a train while he was cross the train tracks after being dropped off by a bus. Lawyers for the family argued that the bus agency, SamTrans, was liable for the boy’s death because of the location of the bus stop near the train tracks. The terms of the settlement that the Burlingame family negotiated with the agencies remains confidential.

Burlingame is served by the Superior Court of San Mateo County, which has branches throughout the county. If your case is a civil case, you might head to South San Francisco if you live in the northern part of the county; but if you have criminal charges against you, you will have to report to the Hall of Justice in Redwood City. You want to make sure your attorney is comfortable in any of these court locations.

This is where LegalMatch can help you find the right Burlingame attorney for your situation. Our free online legal matching service will match you to pre-screened local lawyers who have experience with your legal circumstances. We also provide you with other useful information such as attorney profiles and an extensive online legal library in our LegalCenter.

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