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Learn More About San Fernando Valley, CA

San Fernando Valley or “The Valley” as it is called by most, is located in Southern California and plays host to 1,760,000 citizens. San Fernando Valley is home to a number of production companies and studios like CBC Studio Center, NBC-Universal, The Walt Disney Company, the ABC run Disney Channel, and Warner Brothers. The Valley since the 1970s has seen a multi-billion dollar adult film boom garnering nicknames like Porn Valley, Silicone Valley, and the San Pornando Valley. It is said that almost 90% of pornographic films that are made in the United States come from the San Fernando Valley. Important cities nearby include Burbank and Los Angeles city.

With so many studios and actors, it’s no surprise to find that the San Fernando Valley is also home to a number of knowledgeable lawyers. Lawyers in San Fernando Valley take a diverse variety of cases such as bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, divorce, and employment cases like wrongful termination and discrimination.

In the News: Recently in the San Fernando Valley, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and California Division of Occupational Safety and Health filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health for failing to enforce health and safety guidelines on adult film sets. The lawsuit stems from a number of labor complaints that advocate the use of condoms in the films. Porn mogul Steven Hirsch was quoted saying that the porn industry would likely leave California if condoms became mandatory in adult films.

If you are filing a lawsuit in San Fernando Valley, you’re likely to be visiting the Los Angeles Superior Court in Glendale. California Superior Courts have many different divisions with which you must file in so it’s best to consult a bar certified lawyer in the Valley.

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(may not be the same place you live)

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