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Learn More About Alameda, CA

Alameda is a charter city in California that is also referred to as “The Island City.” Alameda is known for great kite surfing and historical attractions which include Charles Froling’s Alameda Spite House, aircraft carrier USS Hornet, and the Victorian houses that comprise nearly 10% of all single family homes in Alameda.

Alameda lies just across the Bay from San Francisco.  Alameda lawyers specialize in many areas of law, including divorce, bankruptcy, real estate, immigration and criminal defense.

Recently in Alameda, Kenneth “Kanuri Qawi” Washington was arrested at his apartment for the murder of his roommate John Milton Senior. Qawi is best known for winning a case in the California Supreme Court a few years ago which ruled that inmates in state hospitals have the right to refuse pharmaceutical drugs during their psychological treatment.  Qawi was arrested in Alameda in 2007 for violating his parole, and while legally competent, by most accounts remains delusional.  Alameda lawyers will be ironing out the details of his murder charge and aim on resolving the unique situation surrounding Qawi.

Alameda lawyers are knowledgeable of the Alameda County Judicial System. Alameda trial courts include the Alameda County Superior Court which handles criminal cases including felonies and traffic tickets; civil cases which include family law and probate matters; and finally small claims and misdemeanor appeals. Alameda is in the first district of the California appellate court system.

LegalMatch is the best way to find a reputable Alameda lawyer for your case who has been rigorously pre-screened. The website also offers many useful tips for selecting a lawyer and resources like information on popular legal topics. LegalMatch also prescreens all of their lawyers to ensure that they are California bar members that specialized in your unique needs.

For more information on the city of Alameda, Alameda County, and the California Judicial System please visit the links below:

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