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Learn More About Los Gatos, CA

Los Gatos, Spanish for “the cats,” lies within the San Francisco Bay Area, in Santa Clara County. Los Gatos is tucked among the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and is home to around 28,600 people. Los Gatos is notable for its small downtown district, which offers upscale shopping and dining. 

Los Gates is part of Santa Clara County Superior Court System, which includes the Downtown Superior Court, the Old Courthouse, the Hall of Justice, the Santa Clara Courthouse, the Terraine Courthouse, the Family Court, the Palo Alto Courthouse, the Juvenile Delinquency Court, the Sunnyvale Courthouse, the South County Courthouse, the Traffic Court, the Notre Dame Courthouse, and the Los Gatos Courthouse, where criminal matters are heard. In the recent past, Los Gatos also served as the location for the Santa Clara County Superior Small Claims Court; however, the Small Claims Court has since relocated to the city of Santa Clara. 

Recently, the Santa Clara County Superior Court sentenced former Los Gatos Union School District employee Darcy Jacques LaForge in connection with grand theft charges. LaForge pleaded no contest to stealing a district computer and network equipment. Additionally, La Forge will be on probation for 13 years.

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