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Learn More About Lawndale, CA

Lawndale is a diverse Los Angeles County city that is best known for being the former residence of Roy Rogers. Lawndale is a diverse family community that also offers a number of schools. The Lawndalian is Lawndale’s city newspaper that publicizes local events and programs.

Lawndale plays host to some dependable lawyers too. Lawyers in Lawndale take a wide range of cases like automobile accident injury, bankruptcy, child custody, DUI cases and the drafting of wills and trusts.

Recently in Lawndale, Kobe Adams was charged with car jacking and his accomplice was shot and killed by Los Angeles County Sheriffs. The unidentified 18 year old accomplice was flown to Mount Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead at 11:40 p.m. Officers pulled over a white Lincoln when one suspect fled on foot and the other reversed into the police cruiser injuring one officer. The other Sheriff discharged his weapon and killed the driver. Adams was caught nearby.

If you have a lawsuit to file in Lawndale then you will be heading to the

Los Angeles County Superior Court. California Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over most cases that arise like domestic relations, civil, criminal, traffic, probate, contract, and juvenile cases. Immigration issues like green card and citizenship cases are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Los Angeles.

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