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Learn More About Highland, CA

Highland is a landlocked San Bernardino County city that rests in the San Bernardino Mountains and is incorporated into Southern California’s Inland Empire. Highland boasts that it s the ideal location for residential and commercial life in Southern California.

Highland is called home by a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with San Bernardino County court procedures. Lawyers in Highland take a wide range of cases; some typical examples include: wrongful termination, child support, civil lawsuit, estate administration, and the writing of wills.

Recently, Highland resident Daniel Martinez filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Highland, San Bernardino County, the East Valley Water District, Standard Pacific Homes, and San Andreas National Equity Engineering for the death of his wife and unborn child who were swept away by flood waters. The lawsuit was settled by all parties with the total award coming to $775,000.

If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Highland, you’ll be visiting the San Bernardino County Superior Court to file with the Civil Division.  The court’s Family Division takes all domestic issues like divorce and child custody. The Criminal Division will summon you for any criminal charges brought against you by the state. It is important that you file with the correct jurisdictional division to make sure your case isn’t thrown out.

LegalMatch is the most accurate method of pairing you with a knowledgeable Highland lawyer who can solve the particular legal issue that you face. LegalMatch also offers on online legal resources like the Law Library on different legal issues and tips on selecting a lawyer.

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