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Learn More About Nevada County, CA

Nevada County, California is located in the Sierra Nevada region of the state and is one of the counties that makes up the historic “Gold” or “Mother Lode” Country. 

The county has a prosperous and vibrant history, including being the site of one of the richest, oldest, and deepest mines in California (i.e., Empire Mine State Park), providing the first long-distance telephone in the world, and housing a number of famous U.S. presidents and authors at its Holbrooke Hotel. 

Residents of Nevada County primarily work in construction resources, health services, agriculture, manufacturing, retail trade, and scientific and technical services. Recently, there has been an uptick in tourism as more people have started visiting the area.

Information on the Court System in Nevada County, California

Nevada County has two separate courthouse branches: the Nevada City Courthouse and the Truckee Courthouse. They generally both handle the following types of cases:

  • Traffic and infractions;
  • Small claims matters; 
  • Probate;
  • Juvenile delinquency, dependency, and status offenses;
  • Family law issues;
  • Appeals; and
  • Civil lawsuits and criminal cases. 

In addition, the Nevada County Courthouse website offers self-help tools, such as legal resources, information on filing forms and fee schedules, and access to their award-winning self-help center and law library. 

Lastly, for residents who require financial assistance, Nevada County offers a number of legal aid and pro bono services throughout the area. 

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If you have a legal dispute or are facing criminal charges in Nevada County, you should hire a local lawyer for further legal assistance. 

An experienced Nevada County lawyer will be able to assist you with a number of important tasks, including determining whether you have a viable claim, ensuring that your legal rights are protected, helping you to prepare and file your case, providing representation on your behalf, and various other tasks to help you reach a successful outcome.

If you are not sure where to begin your search for a Nevada County lawyer, you should sign-up for a free account with LegalMatch. LegalMatch can assist you in finding a local lawyer who practices in the appropriate field of law to handle your case. After submitting a short application that should take no longer than 15 minutes, LegalMatch will use its special software to quickly find you the right candidate to take on your case.  

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(may not be the same place you live)

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