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Learn More About Monterey Park, CA

Monterey Park, CA is quickly becoming one of the many places to see in Los Angeles County. The city is diverse and rich in culture and annually hosts a Chinese Lantern Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, and a Harmony Celebration. It is in close proximity to several destinations such as the Getty Center Museum, the Staples Center, and Botanical Gardens.

Monterey Park is in a the middle of a critical decision after they recently discovered that their elected water director and developer John Leung has allegedly been a part of a major fraud. Mr. Leung works for the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District and is charged with embezzlement, grand theft, burglary, and fraud. Mr. Leung along with his business associate Jean Lang are accused of stealing over $1 million dollars from two victims. Although the cities that the water district serves are said to not be victims, the company Mr. Leung worked with was in the middle of finalizing a deal to build a El Monte Village. Mr. Leung will continue to be one of the five directors for the water district unless he is recalled by voters, impeached by a jury, or convicted of a felony. The city of Monterey Park has responded with shock and is now unclear about the future of one of their directors who has been a part of the water district since 1993.

If you are a resident of Monterey Park, and are facing a legal matter then the court you will most likely be reporting to is the Los Angeles Superior Court or the Los Angeles County Juvenile Court. The Los Angeles County Superior Court serves about 9.2 million people a year and thus has strict rules and regulations in order to file a claim. For this reason, it becomes essential that you have a Monterey Park lawyer by your side to help you through all of the intricacies of the courts procedures.

Monterey Park lawyers practice in many areas of law including real estate, civil rights, employment, property, and family law.

If you are currently looking for an attorney, then LegalMatch can make it possible for you to find a qualified Monterey Park lawyer of your choice. Not only is our service free but we also pre-screen our lawyers and back them up with a satisfaction guarantee. Let LegalMatch help you find a skilled and experienced attorney in Monterey Park.

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