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Learn More About Oakland, CA

Named after an oak grove on the neighboring island of Alameda, Oakland sits in the East Bay of the Bay Area in Alameda County. Oakland is home to approximately 500,000 residents, and over 2,000 attorneys. Other important California cities nearby include San Francisco and Berkeley.

About Oakland Lawyers

Oakland attorneys can help you in criminal defense law, personal injury litigation law, divorce law, real estate transactions law, estate planning law, and much more. Famous Oakland attorneys include John Burris, who represented Rodney King against the Los Angeles police department in one of the most famous police brutality cases ever.

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Whatever your legal issue may be, finding the right Oakland attorney is one of the most important steps you can make in your case. Oakland attorneys know how to navigate the Alameda County Superior Court and its Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, Probate, Family, and Traffic divisions.

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