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Learn More About San Jacinto, CA

San Jacinto has a population of 37,000 and is located in Riverside County in the state of California. It is named after Saint Hyacinth and is part of the metropolitan area known as Inland Empire.

Founded in 1870 and officially incorporated in 1888, San Jacinto is one of the oldest cities in Riverside County. It also became a city before the formation of the county. The local economy initially consisted of agriculture, and helped get its start due to tourists visiting the hot springs in the area. San Jacinto has a rich history linked to the early aviation industry, and boasts many historical homes and mansions. The city is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Current local attractions include Mount Jacinto College, the Ramona Pageant, and Soboba Casino.

In 2009, San Jacinto experienced a slew of indictments related to charges of election corruption by elected city officials. In a massive 155-count criminal grand jury indictment, several officials were charged with illegally funneling money into election coffers. Among the 155 counts were charges of improper political contributions, illegal contributions reimbursements, making contributions under false names, money laundering, and violating campaign law. A total of fifteen people were charged in the massive corruption probe, some of them relatives of the elected officials. The criminal proceedings were filed in Riverside County Superior Court.

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Cases arising in the city of San Jacinto are heard in the Superior Court of California, County of Riverside. The superior court has jurisdiction over various civil and criminal cases. It also hears juvenile, family law, small claims, and traffic cases.
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