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Learn More About Paramount, CA

Paramount is located in Los Angeles County, CA and is part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Paramount is bordered by Compton, Lynwood, South Gate, Downey, Bellflower and Long Beach. Paramount is also the home of the Zamboni. Zamboni & Co. originated and is still headquartered in Paramount.

            Paramount lawyers practice in most legal fields. Attorneys in Paramount can be found for cases involving employment, personal injury, immigration, divorce, criminal, real estate, corporate and many other fields of law. A client in need of representation should seek an attorney in the appropriate field of law.
            Recently a strip club magazine called Stiletto sued the city of Paramount for removing their magazines from racks within city limits. The city said their actions were lawful under a recently passed Newsrack Ordinance which sought to restrict blight and access to harmful materials by minors. Stiletto magazine countered that there was nothing harmful in their magazine, and their first amendment right of free speech was being violated. The case is ongoing.
            Defendants charged with federal crimes and will go before United States District Court Central District of California. Cases that involve state crimes will be heard before the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles. These courts differ significantly and it is important that your attorney understands which court to file your claim in.
            Finding the right attorney is difficult but taking your case to LegalMatch is easy. LegalMatch’s system is free to use and works quickly. Take your case to LegalMatch to see what it can do for you.
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