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Learn More About Humboldt County , CA

Humboldt County, California boasts the longest coastline of any counties in the state. Comprised of three main cities, Arcata, Eureka, and Fortuna, the northern California county stretches along the edge of the Pacific coast and up into the Coast Mountain Ranges.

The county is home to California’s second largest natural bay, Humboldt Bay, as well as the largest remaining Redwood forest on the planet, Rockefeller Forest. Some other features that can be found in the area include a number of beaches, dozens of parks, and tons of outdoor recreational activities (e.g., hiking, motorcycling, boating, and birding).

Given its amount of redwood trees, it is no surprise that Humboldt County is California’s top timber producer. Aside from timber, the county is also known for producing quality dairy products and its cultivation of cannabis.

Finally, the landscape in Humboldt County has served as the backdrop for many movies and tv shows, such as Return of the Jedi and Salem’s Lot.

Despite how large Humboldt County is in terms of its geographics, the county only has one court facility, which is located in downtown Eureka. The Court also holds sessions on the second Monday of every month in the town of Hoopa.

The main courthouse is split into the following divisions:

  • Civil and criminal proceedings;
  • Family law;
  • Appeals Court;
  • Juvenile proceedings;
  • Guardianship and adoptions;
  • Probate and conservatorship;
  • Traffic court; and
  • Small claims and unlawful detainers.

Additionally, the Court also has a separate Human Resources Division that provides information and services for job opportunities, employment benefits, and so on to its residents.

For persons who wish to represent themselves, require information about court forms or filing fees, and/or need access to certain online services (e.g., child support calculator), they should visit the Court’s website.

Alternatively, individuals who need access to in-depth legal research or instructions on a variety of legal issues can also visit Humboldt County’s Public Law Library for more materials. According to its website, the library has been providing public access to legal resources since 1897.

If you are facing criminal charges or are involved in a dispute over a civil matter in Humboldt County, you should hire a Humboldt County Lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer can inform you of your rights and legal protections under the laws in your area. Your lawyer can also discuss your ideal options for legal recourse, what defenses or remedies may be available to you depending on your case, and can provide representation in court or during a settlement.

Also, if you need help finding a lawyer, you can register on LegalMatch’s website for free and use our services to search for one in your area. After registering, you will be able to privately post your case. Once submitted, you will then receive responses from lawyers who are interested in taking your case and want to assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome based on the facts of your case.

(may not be the same place you live)

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