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Learn More About Tehama County, CA

Located in the northern part of California, Tehama County is home to 63,463 residents as of the 2010 census. The county seat of Red Bluff is also the county’s largest city. Tehama County is mostly comprised of water, as it is bisected by the Sacramento River. Of the 2,962 square miles that make up Tehama County, approximately 2,950 square miles is water.

Tehama county was formed from pieces of Butte, Colsua, and Shasta counties. Named for the city of Tehama, early residents were given land grants by the Mexican government in 1844. 

As the county serves as the midway point for Sacrament and the Oregon border, it boasts several outdoor recreational opportunities such as:

  • Hiking;
  • Camping;
  • Fishing;
  • Boating and other watersports;
  • Horseback riding; and
  • Hunting.

Information Regarding the Legal System in Tehama County, CA

Nearly every county in California is serviced by a Superior Court system. Tehama County is no exception. This superior court hears both civil and criminal cases, and is organized into the following divisions:

  • Civil Division, which is responsible for Family law, Probate, guardianships, conservatorships, minor’s compromises, small claims, and adoption;
  • Criminal Division, which maintains jurisdiction over felonies, misdemeanors, and other criminal infractions;
  • Family Court Services, which are separate from family law and provides mediation for family law cases;
  • Juvenile Division, which addresses Juvenile Delinquency cases as defined by Welfare and Institution Codes;
  • Probate Court, which governs all cases involving estates and trusts;
  • Small Claims Division, which handles small claims cases that do not exceed $10,000; and
  • Traffic Division, which has jurisdiction over all Vehicle Code violations as well as local ordinance violations.

Under California law, the amount in controversy involved in the case may also help determine which court will hear which case. The following is a list of courts as organized by the amount in controversy:

  • Small Claims Courts: Small claim courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. This means that small claims courts can only hear cases where the amount in dispute is less than $10,000;
  • California Superior Courts: Superior Courts also have limited jurisdiction, and are allowed to hear cases where the amount in controversy is less than $25,000. However, superior courts have exclusive jurisdiction in most cases where the amount in controversy exceeds $25,000; and
  • Specific Courts: Courts such as a bankruptcy court, or probate court, have exclusive subject matter jurisdiction. This means certain legal issues fall specifically in those courts.

Connecting With an Attorney in Tehama County, CA

For all legal issues in Tehama County, CA, you should consult with a local attorney as they will be most knowledgeable in regards to how the local court system works. Utilizing LegalMatch during your search for a skilled attorney can help simplify the process. LegalMatch pre-screens each attorney before recommending them to potential clients, and only recommends attorneys who are bar certified.

(may not be the same place you live)

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