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Learn More About Yuba County, CA

Yuba County, California is located in the state’s Central Valley region where it lies along the Feather River and the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. It is one of the original 27 counties of California and is named for the Yuba River. Many believe that “Yuba” is a variant of “uva” (meaning grapes in Spanish) due to the wild grapevines explorers found growing on the riverbanks. 

As the gateway to Mother Lode Country and thousands of acres of farmland, Yuba County was once known for its agriculture capabilities and its river was one of the richest gold mining rivers in all of California. Today, however, the largest industries in Yuba County include retail trade, health care and social assistance, public administration, utilities, scientific and technical services, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas. 

Additionally, Yuba County is home to the Beale Air Force Base, the Sutter Buttes, the Fremont Historic Marker, New Bullards Bar Dam, Beckwourth Riverfront Park, and at least 13 wineries. It is also the site of where Thompson seedless grapes were first propagated. 

Information on the Court System in Yuba County, California

The court system in Yuba County was initially established by the Mexican laws of 1837. Under these laws, there were several courts in the district. By the time California became a state in 1850, the system had broken down due to the number of towns that kept popping up because of the gold rush. Many of these new towns did not have a courthouse. Accordingly, once California entered statehood, the State Constitution changed the court system and its districts.

Today, all court operations in the county are now conducted at the Yuba County Courthouse, which is located in the city and county seat of Marysville. The current courthouse is split into the following divisions:

  • Civil lawsuits;
  • Criminal cases;
  • Family law matters;
  • Collections;
  • Juvenile delinquency and dependency; 
  • Unlawful detainers;
  • Small claims;
  • Traffic violations and minor infractions; and
  • Probate, trusts, guardianship, and conservatorship.

The Yuba County Courthouse also offers family court services, oversees general jury duty matters, and is the site of where grand juries are empaneled.

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If you are facing criminal charges or are involved in a legal dispute in Yuba County, you should consider hiring a Yuba County lawyer since they will be familiar with the laws in the area. An experienced Yuba County lawyer can explain what your rights and protections are under the law, can help you prepare and file a case, and can provide representation on your behalf in court. 

Also, if you need help finding a Yuba County lawyer, LegalMatch is the perfect resource to use since they have software that can assist you with your search. Simply register for free at and fill out a quick survey regarding your legal matter. Once your survey is received, LegalMatch can begin the matching process that will connect you to the right lawyer.

(may not be the same place you live)

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