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Learn More About Bell Gardens, CA

Bell Gardens is one of only a few Los Angeles County cities to permit casino gambling although they do forbid dice games and slot machines. Bell Gardens also plays host to the oldest remaining house in Los Angeles County, the Avila Adobe, which was built in 1818. The Henry Gage Mansion, also in Bell Gardens, was built in 1795 and is considered one of the oldest manors.

A number of local Bell Gardens residents are also practicing lawyers. Lawyers in Bell Gardens advise on a wide variety of cases, some typical examples include: bankruptcy, wrongful termination, child custody, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI and drug charges.

Recently in Bell Gardens, Federal agents apprehended nine men in a drug and weapons trafficking investigation of a South Los Angeles street gang. The nine suspects were arrested after a 9 month investigation. Agents also recovered dozens of assault rifles, handguns, and stockpiles of ammunition. One of the men, Henry Valenzuela, confessed to ICE officials that he is a hit man for a Tijuana drug cartel although his claims have not been substantiated.

If you have immigration issues in Los Angeles, you will be visiting the U.S. Immigration Court in Los Angeles. If you are looking to file a lawsuit or divorce, you will be visiting the Los Angeles County Superior Court which is one of the busiest superior courts in California. California Superior Courts handle most cases that arise in the state; however, it’s paramount that you file your case with the correct court and division. The best method of ensuring your case is handled correctly is by hiring a Bell Gardens lawyer.

With any case, it’s important to start working with a lawyer as soon as possible and LegalMatch is the only pairing service that guarantees customer satisfaction for their free services. LegalMatch allows you to see past clients’ reviews, check availability, and even see prices. LegalMatch also ensures that all lawyers are bar certified and even offers a great Law Library for researching you case.

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