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Learn More About Sanger, CA

Sanger is a city in Fresno County, California, with a population of approximately 25,000 residents. In 1949, the U.S. Postal Service designated the city of Sanger as the “Nation’s Christmas City.”

In September 2008, two former top managers of Initiative Foods, a Sanger baby-food company, filed independent lawsuits against John Ypma, founder of Initiative Foods. John Mulvaney Jr., company co-founder and former vice president of operations, and Jocelyn Mailly, former quality manager and plant manager, filed their lawsuits in Fresno County Superior Court alleging that Ypma had put consumer health at risk. Allegations included approving the use of sweet potatoes that were filled with maggots and shipping out baby food jars with pieces of glass in them. According to the suit, Ypma fired Mulvaney and Mailly in retaliation to their repeated protests against these dangerous practices. The company employs about 50 workers and produces more than 100,000 jars of baby food a day at the Sanger plant. The suit is still pending in court.

All legal proceedings arising out of Fresno county go before the Fresno Superior Court. Court locations depends on whether the legal issue pertains to civil dispute, small claims, criminal proceedings, family matters, juvenile matters, probate matters, or traffic violations.

Whether it is personal injury, a family dispute, or a criminal charge, it is important for any individual to understand the legal recourses at his or her disposal. There are several attorneys with various specialties practicing in the Sanger area, and LegalMatch can match you, for free, with one that fits your needs. Visit our website to learn how to hire the right lawyer for you.

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