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Learn More About Placentia, CA

Placentia is an Orange County city that is home to many great schools, both public and private. Some notable Placentians include director James Cameron, rapper D-Loc, and Olympic swimmer Janet Evans.
Placentia is also home to lawyers who are familiar with local Orange County court procedures. Lawyers in Orange County take many different kinds of cases, some examples include: estate administration, child support, DUI, divorce, and civil lawsuit cases.
The Placentia-Yorba Linda School District recently tried to disband a local high school’s after-school Bible study club under the Equal Access Act. The lawsuit cites an incident in which school officials tried to force the group to study all sacred religious texts if they students wanted to use school facilities and be listed in both the yearbook and website. The U.S. District Court hearing the case issued a temporary restraining order against the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District on the likelihood the students would succeed at trial.
If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Placentia, the nearest Orange County Superior Court is housed in the North Justice Center in Fullerton. Lawsuits are likely to be filed with the Civil Division, and family disputes are heard by the Family Division. Criminal charges work differently; charges are filed against you by local law enforcement and you will be summoned by the Criminal Division with a court date.
The most reliable way to find a Placentia lawyer is through LegalMatch. Our website is home to many useful research tools as well as the best lawyer matching system, ensuring your satisfaction. LegalMatch allows you to check prices, availability, reviews from past clients, and even provides tips on selecting the best lawyer for your case.
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