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Learn More About San Ramon, CA

San Ramon is a suburb of three major centers of commerce including San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Oakland. With such a crucial location, it is not surprising that companies like AT&T, the Chevron Corporation, and 24-Hour Fitness all call San Ramon home.

San Ramon also plays host to a number of lawyers who are familiar with Contra Costa County courts and procedures. Lawyers in San Ramon take cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful death, divorce, and civil lawsuit cases, to name a few.

Recently, San Ramon based 24-Hour Fitness filed a lawsuit against rival Bally Fitness in U.S. District Court. Michael Sheehan had been with 24 Hour Fitness for seven years as the company’s chief operating officer when he decided to take the CEO job offer from 24 Hour’s chief competitor, Bally Fitness. 24-Hour Fitness’ lawsuit alleges Bally illegally hired Sheehan in order to gain trade secrets and other confidential information when Bally emerges from its Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If you are filing a lawsuit in San Ramon, you will probably be visiting the Civil Division of the Contra Costa County Superior Court. If the disputed amount totals less than $7,500 than you will file with the Civil Division’s Small Claims Court; other matters are relegated to normal civil trials. If you face criminal charges in San Ramon, you’ll probably have been summoned by the Criminal Division. Domestic violence, divorce, and child custody issues are handled by the superior court’s Family Division.

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