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Learn More About Newport Beach, CA

A relatively small beach community in Orange County, California, Newport Beach was originally a marshy swamp with an inviting harbor for passing ships. The name Newport stuck from the very beginning, and the city has grown to become a well known beach city on the beautiful Southern California coast.

Newport Beach lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing. These include criminal defense, personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, wills and trust, and many others. Attorneys in Newport Beach are currently litigating a case where a city worker alleges he was wrongfully terminated. The former employee claims that his termination was due to personal grudges against him over his facial hair and unusual signature. The city claims his dismissal was due to an on the job injury, and the subsequent inability of Newport Beach to accommodate the injury after a good faith effort to do so.

Lawyers in Newport Beach are familiar with the Orange County Superior Court system. The local Newport Beach Harbor Justice Center primarily handles limited civil matters, criminal matters, and infractions. Attorneys in Newport Beach will know the ins and outs of this court and others within Orange County.

If you need help finding a pre-screened Newport Beach attorney with experience handing matters in Orange County, LegalMatch can help. In only 15 minutes our free service can begin matching you to local, pre-screened Newport Beach lawyers experienced in your type of case. All matched attorneys on are in good standing with the California Bar. You can even peruse background information and previous client comments on their representation.

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