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Learn More About North Highlands, CA

North Highlands, CA is located in Northern California’s Sacramento County. The city developed with the creation of the McClellan Air Force Base. When the base closed in 1995, the McClellan Business Park, which features an airfield, corporate housing, office facilities, and other business facilities, was created to mitigate the economic impact of the closure. This facility is one of the largest business parks in California and has the capability to employ the majority of North Highlands’ population.

California has three branches of courts: the Superior Court, Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. There is a Superior Court for each county in California, and Sacramento County’s Superior Court is located just 11 miles away from North Highlands. The Superior Court hears all trial court matters including family, probate, juvenile, criminal, traffic and civil matters.

Lawyers in North Highlands can help you with your case whether it’s a DUI, divorce, bankruptcy, criminal charges, or any other legal issue you are facing. The Superior Court in Sacramento County hears a substantial number of cases and consistently has a full docket. Your North Highlands attorney can navigate you through this bustling court.

Recently, a teacher from a North Highlands charter high school was arrested on felony distribution of lewd material to a child. It was alleged he served his 16-17 year old students alcohol in his house along with sending them vivid text messages and pictures. He later pleaded no contest and was sentenced to two years in prison.

If you need help finding the perfect lawyer for your North Highlands lawsuit, let LegalMatch help you. We are dedicated to matching you with the right attorney for your case.  As always, there is never any pressure to hire lawyers that are matched up with you; and if you do retain one, how you proceed from there is up to you.

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