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Learn More About Sacramento County

Sacramento County draws its name from the Spanish phrase “Santisimo Sacramento,” or “most holy sacrament.” It was one of California’s original counties upon the state’s entry into the Union in 1850. Located in Sacramento County, the city of Sacramento is California’s capital. The county extends from the Sierra Mountains all the way to the Eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay.

Sacramento County lawyers can help you with criminal defense, wills and trusts, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, and any other legal issue you may be facing. As the state capital, Sacramento County sees some of the state’s most important legal cases. For instance, taxpayers and lawmakers recently field a lawsuit in the California Appeals Court in an attempt to halt a plan to raise taxes. The court threw out the lawsuit, holding that until Governor Schwarzenegger singed the bill, there was no issue.

This case and others are heard in one of Sacramento County’s many courts. Lawyers in Sacramento County practice in the Sacramento Superior Court, and may also be familiar with the California Appeals Court, and the United States District Court, Eastern District of California.

Sacramento anti-camping laws have been the subject of recent controversy in the County. These laws prohibit sleeping in public parks and streets, and like in many other counties, are used to limit vagrancy. Reports that the police have been confiscating homeless belongings, food, and shelter have sparked a federal lawsuit, however. The lawsuit is ongoing, but in the meantime the County has agreed not to confiscate the belongings of homeless people.

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