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Learn More About Banning, CA

Banning is a Riverside County city that is home to 23,000 California residents. Banning is positioned in the San Gorgonio Pass, or Banning Pass, which is named after the father of the Port of Los Angeles, Phineas Banning. Today Banning is home to a number of great shopping centers, movie theater, and other attractions that make it a standout Southern California city.

A number of Banning residents are also well qualified lawyers who are familiar with local Riverside County courts. Lawyers in Banning take a wide variety of cases including Chapter 7 bankruptcy, auto injury, real estate, divorce, and criminal DUI cases to name a few.

Recently in Banning, a sad UCLA graduate named Erik Estavillo tried to sue Sony Computer Entertainment America after he was banned from the PlayStation Network. Estavillo was kicked off the network after violating Sony’s online gaming rules and for posts he made on their forums. A Northern District of California judge said that Estavillo’s First Amendment rights had not been violated.

If you have a lawsuit to file in Banning, it’s likely that you will be visiting a branch of the Riverside County Superior Court and filing with the Civil Division. Superior courts in California take most kinds of cases but immigration issues are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Los Angeles. When dealing with any legal issue, it’s best to consult an experienced Banning lawyer.

LegalMatch is a free pairing service that supplies a selection of the best Banning lawyers. Simply fill out a brief summary of your legal issue and Banning lawyers will review your case and quote you a price. You can check availability, read past customer reviews, and compare prices but you may want to read our tips on selecting a lawyer. All of LegalMatch’s Banning lawyers are California bar members and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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