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Learn More About Newark, CA

Located at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, Newark, CA sits on 14 square miles in Alameda County. The city is named after Newark in Port Glasgow, Scotland. Arrival of the South Pacific Coast Railroad in 1876 drove early growth of the city; today Newark’s population numbers approximately 42,400. The city was incorporated in 1955, and today is an enclave completely surrounded by the city of Fremont. Area attractions include the South San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Mission Peak Regional Preserve.

Numerous lauded Newark lawyers have made the area their home. Lawyers in Newark can assist you with a number of legal matters involving business, family, immigration, medical malpractice, real estate, or any other matter that you may face.

Lawyers in Newark recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a local employee. The employee claimed that during the course of his work with a food distributor, a truck driver mistakenly thought he had exited the truck after unloading milk crates. However, the employee was still inside the truck, suffering injury after a metal bar landed on him as the truck maneuvered into a parking spot. The employee was allowed to work on modified duty after seeing a doctor, but his employer refused to let him back on the job until he was fully recovered. The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages and benefits.

The California judicial system is structured as 58 superior (trial) courts, courts of appeal, and a supreme court. Lawyers in Newark may file your case in the Alameda County Superior Court, the 1st District Court of Appeal, or the Supreme Court of California. A Newark lawyer can help you decide which court is right to hear your case.

Let LegalMatch help you avoid the time and frustration associated with the right attorney. Our website contains helpful tips on attorney selection and outlines general popular legal topics. Our free, confidential service also provides access to experienced pre-screened attorneys who are ready to review your case. Let LegalMatch refer you to the best Newark lawyer for your case.

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