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Learn More About Santa Barbara, CA

The beautiful city of Santa Barbara is well known for its beaches, incredible Mediterranean-like weather, culture, community, and schools. Located on the only east-west running shoreline on the California coast, Santa Barbara is sheltered from many of the severe storms that the ocean currents bring to the rest of the coastline, and as a result, has an extremely temperate climate that is stable year round and draws many tourists. Santa Barbara also has one of the highest median home prices in all of California that reaches over the $1 million mark.

Santa Barbara is also home to many talented Santa Barbara lawyers who are available to assist you in your legal situation. These skilled California attorneys are talented in many areas of law including DUI, criminal defense, immigration, auto accidents, public drunkenness, civil rights, personal injury, and many more.

A Santa Barbara woman is suing the makers of a dye used in MRI tests. The Gadolinium contrast dye is ingested by the patient who is about to get an MRI test so that the MRI can pick up the dye inside of the body and resolve an image. The Santa Barbara woman was one of nearly 1,000 people around the world to have an adverse reaction to the dye, which resulted in the woman’s skin becoming thick, painful and hard like marble, and may lead to her eventual death by liver, lung and heart damage. Recently, the FDA required the makers of the dye to place a black-box warning on the product which will tell patients who have pre-existing kidney conditions not to use the dye.

Santa Barbara is served by the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, which is a court of general jurisdiction and hears both civil and criminal cases. Having a Santa Barbara attorney who has been through this court many times before would be an advantage for your case.

When you use, you can read attorney profiles and client reviews before you ever hire any of the Santa Barbara attorneys that are matched to your case. By doing this, you can be assured that your legal advocate has helped others in situations like yours, necessary to handle your case.

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