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Learn More About Fremont, CA

Named after John Charles Frémont, the “Great Pathfinder,” the city of Fremont is found in the southeast part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Fremont has a large deaf population because it is home to one of the California Schools for the Deaf. Fremont is also a very desirable place for a family to live because the city is committed to making itself more family-friendly, going so far as to construct a city-run water park equipped for birthday parties.

If you have a legal problem in Fremont or the surrounding Bay Area, there are many skilled and talented Fremont lawyers that are able to assist you. Because these attorneys are located so close to one of the major legal hubs on the West Coast, they are well versed and skilled in areas of law including criminal defense, intellectual property, mediation and arbitration, employment discrimination, personal injury, and many others.

Fremont is home to New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated, an auto plant that is jointly run by Toyota and General Motors. In 2007, a vehicle safety inspector at the Fremont plant filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Toyota claiming that the company ignored and deleted her safety reports for the vehicles produced at the plant, threatened to fire her, and ultimately demoted her to the packing department in retaliation. For the emotional distress and lowered wages, the employee asked the Court for $45 million in damages.

Fremont attorneys are ideally located to take care of any legal issue that you may have in the Bay Area. The neighboring cities of Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco all house federal trial courts, and San Francisco is also home to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition to the federal courts, Fremont attorneys are also surrounded by many state courts, including the California Supreme Court in San Francisco. Because of their proximity to such a broad range of courts and venues, a Fremont attorney is a perfect choice for any legal matter that you have in the Bay Area.

If you need help finding a lawyer in Fremont, you should head to LegalMatch to be matched up with a qualified local attorney. All attorneys found on LegalMatch are highly skilled in their areas of practice and are ready to assist you resolve your legal dilemma. Choosing the right attorney is a difficult process, and here at LegalMatch, we are dedicated to making this process easier for you.

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