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Learn More About Inland Empire

The Inland Empire is comprised of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties which play host to over 4 million Southeastern California residents. While the area offers great access to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and cities such as Anaheim, it is consistently ranked high in crime and pollution surveys. Most recently, the Inland Empire has been noted as the capital of methamphetamine production with San Bernardino Sheriff’s eradicating a record 635 meth labs in a single year.

The Inland Empire is also home to a number of experienced lawyers who are familiar with Southern California Courts. Lawyers in the Inland Empire admit a mixed selection of cases like bankruptcy, immigration, DUI, wrongful termination, and divorce cases in addition to others.

In the news: Inland Empire radioman Raymond E. Peyton was recently convicted on four counts of child molestation and aggravated sexual assault charges. The conviction earned Peyton 4 sentences of 15 years to life in prison for molesting a girlfriend’s 12 year-old daughter while her mother was dying from cancer.

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If you have a lawsuit to file in the Inland Empire, you will likely find yourself at one of two locations: the San Bernardino County Superior Court or the Riverside County Superior Court. Both Inland Empire counties offer Juvenile, Family, Appeals, Civil, Criminal, Small Claims, Probate, and Traffic Divisions with which to file. The nearest immigration court is the Los Angeles Immigration Court which handles all kinds of immigration issues and is run by the Department of Justice.

With any case, it’s advantageous to employ the most competent Inland Empire lawyer who can successfully handle your case. LegalMatch is the premier source of finding a California Bar Association certified lawyer. LegalMatch also offers research materials like an online Law Library and tips on selecting a lawyer.

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