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Learn More About Ceres, CA

Ceres is a San Joaquin Valley city that is incorporated into Stanislaus County. Ceres was founded by Daniel C. Whitmore in 1870 when he built what is known today as The Whitmore Mansion. Ceres residents and visitors alike enjoy the Halloween Fun Festival and the popular Christmas Tree Lane opening ceremony.

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Ceres is also home to a number of lawyers who are familiar with Stanislaus County courts and procedures. Lawyers in Ceres take a wide variety of cases; some typical examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, estate administration, and wrongful termination.

Ceres, California resident Virginia Davis recently filed a lawsuit in Stanislaus County Superior Court which named the Louisiana Pacific Corporation as a defendant. Davis filed the lawsuit on behalf of 5,300 homeowners who purchased the allegedly defective Louisiana-Pacific Corporation’s Nature Guard shingles. The case has attained class action status and seeks $100 million in damages.

If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Ceres, you’re likely to visit the Stanislaus County Superior Court in Modesto and file with the Family Division. California courts are divided into a number of separate divisions with which to file and it is imperative you file correctly so that you do not lose time or money. Criminal charges will earn you a summons by the Criminal Division, but if you’re filing a lawsuit than you will file with the Civil Division.

LegalMatch is a free pairing service that supplies a selection of the best Ceres lawyers. Simply fill out a brief summary of your legal issue and Ceres lawyers will review your case and quote you a price. You can check availability, read past customer reviews, and compare prices but you may want to read our tips on selecting a lawyer. All of LegalMatch’s Ceres lawyers are California bar members and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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