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Learn More About Citrus Heights, CA

Located near the state capital, the city of Citrus Heights is a growing community. As evidence of the city’s development, it recently opened its own police department with laterals from 62 different police departments around the state. Citrus Heights is also home to the Rusch Botanical Gardens.

When you are facing legal charges in Citrus Heights, you should probably talk to one of the many talented Citrus Heights lawyers in the area. These attorneys regularly represent the clients in many areas of law including divorce, alimony, DUI, criminal defense, personal injury, business, contracts, sexual harassment, and more.

A tragedy was the spurring point for one Citrus Heights family’s lawsuit against a crib manufacturer. The family had put their son into his crib at about 8 p.m. and checked on him 5 hours later before going to bed. When they woke up in the morning, the mother went to check on the infant in his crib only to find him hanging between the side rail and the bed. Apparently, the side rail of the crib was defective and allowed the rail to become separated from rest of the structure just far enough for the infant to slip his legs through, but trapping his head. The tragedy that the Citrus Heights family woke up to had just begun. The paramedics that arrived shortly after were not able to revive the child. The crib manufacturer and the family recently settled the lawsuit that arose from incident.

If you need to file a lawsuit in Citrus Heights, you will most likely have to file your court papers in the Superior Court of California County of Sacramento. A local Citrus Heights attorney can help you get your legal papers in order and filed appropriately.

LegalMatch is here to help you get in touch with a local Citrus Heights lawyer that can help you with you case. We offer you a free online legal matching service as well as providing you with access to great information like attorney profiles and past client reviews. We pre-screen every attorney that we work with so you know that any legal professional that contacts you is in good standing with the state bar.

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