Comparing Legal Marketing Services & Legal Lead Generation Companies

LegalMatch’s Service Benefits: What Makes Us Unique?

What Is Lead Generation?

Attracting clients is an essential part of ensuring a business’ cash flow, financial health, and growth; this is where lead generation comes in. Lead generation for lawyers is a critical and challenging aspect of a law firm’s operations and whose primary goal is to efficiently and continuously find new high-quality leads.

Why Lawyers Need Lead Generation Services?

Lawyer lead generation (as well as legal marketing) is a highly competitive playing field and requires a variety of technical resources and expertise for law firms to compete successfuly on their own. As such, many lawyers utilize lead generation services such as LegalMatch,,,,,, and --- the last five of which are all owned and operated by

Lawyer Lead Generation and Legal Marketing Services Are Not Created Equal

Although these lead generation services share the same goal of providing lawyers and law firms with a quick and easy way to reach new clients, each one employs different tools and strategies that sets them apart.

LegalMatch offers a distinct set of services that stand out among the top lawyer lead generation services. Here are the core service elements that make us unique among our competition.

LegalMatch’s Unmatched Service Benefits:

#1 Lead Intake Screening

LegalMatch features a case intake system that allows lawyers to check and filter out low-quality cases, non-clients, and site visitors who are only looking for legal advice. This feature has allowed member lawyers to quickly and efficiently identify high-quality leads and increase the chances of success; a feature that’s unique to LegalMatch.

As an example, most competing services utilize a case intake form that contains only a handful of questions, where LegalMatch requests more information that is specific to each case.

#2 Case Management

LegalMatch has made it easy for lawyers to manage cases, client communication, case documents, scheduling, and contracts through its case management feature. This also includes user-friendly accessibility features such as at-a-glance case details, online scheduling, proven and tested response templates (for ROI/CRO), real-time mobile notification and responses, as well as an intake management dashboard (in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool).

#3 Dedicated Account Managers & Support

LegalMatch provides a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) to both assist and train attorneys on how to use the platform efficiently and allow attorneys to reap the full benefits that LegalMatch has to offer. LegalMatch’s responsive support system aims to ensure the platform’s reliability and ease-of-use for every member.

#4 Reduced Overhead

Unlike other lead generation services and legal marketing companies, LegalMatch does NOT require nor encourage member lawyers to create their own website to be filled with SEO content, online marketing, or additional advertisement. This form of marketing strategy is offered by other service providers increase overhead costs, as well as dependence to the service provider itself. Unless you know the technical in’s and out’s of the website that a service will setup and manage for you, it will likely be a mountain of an uphill climb to maintain, update, and make profitable without the service.

LegalMatch’s pricing is centered on set limited costs and the symbiotic relationship between the attorney and LegalMatch --- LegalMatch only succeeds if the attorney does too. As such, there is no CRO required as the platform is engagement-focused and LegalMatch absorbs the cost of both short and long-term tests to improve engagements.

Other LegalMatch Features:

  • Unlimited Lead Generation. LegalMatch does not limit the number of leads an attorney can receive based on their subscription or payment, unlike other lead generation services and Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) advertising services.
  • At-A-Glance Case Details. This feature allows attorneys to see submitted case details before contacting a potential client.
  • Opportunity to Expand Geographic Area. Attorneys are given the freedom to expand their practice area for future growth.
  • Preview Live Geo/Practice Area Case Load. Allows attorneys to view the current number of available cases submitted to the platform at any given time.
  • 50 State Compliance. Complies with the regulations for all 50 states.
  • Immediate Client Opportunities. As soon as attorneys sign up, they will be able to respond to submitted cases by potential clients, making it the perfect platform for new attorneys or those who are considering membership.
  • Attorney Anonymity. Attorneys using the service are kept anonymous, thus reducing the amount of communication with non-paying clients or those determined to be low-quality leads to prevent attorneys from wasting valuable time.
  • Attorney Rating Platform. Users are allowed to publicly review/rate attorneys in some format.
  • Analytics & Performance Reports. Attorneys can access detailed performance and analytics reports for communications, client retentions, and other metrics.

LegalMatch stands out from its competition through a multitude of features and service factors geared towards helping lawyers and law firms find quality leads. The reviews and success stories from our member lawyers are a testament to LegalMatch’s commitment in supporting your law firm’s success and growth.