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Learn More About Walnut, CA

The city of Walnut is an eastern suburb of Los Angeles. It was so named after the California black walnut, which is indigenous to the area. While it already has a long history of settlement by ranchers, the city was only incorporated in 1959, when most of the cattle-grazing area was zoned for a master-planned residential town.

Walnut has been consistently voted as one of the safest places to live in the United States. This is partly because its crime rate is 35% lower than the national average and it has one of the highest-ranked public school districts in Southern California. It also hosts numerous businesses.

Interestingly, Walnut is one of the places in Southern California that are called ethnoburbs, home to large non-white populations. Walnut in particular has a 65% Asian population. This is attributed to Korean-American Alfred Song who served as state senator. He fought for opening the state to Asian immigrants in the 1960s, adding to the already large number of Asian workers in the grape plantations.

Walnut is known for producing excellent track and field athletes and annually hosts the Mt. San Antonio College or SAC Relays. As such, it has a record of sports-related litigation. In 2017, the city sued the college for the construction of a new sports stadium, citing insufficient assessment of air pollution and impact on adjacent residential areas of large events such as concerts and sports competitions. Work has been halted several times due to court injunctions. The Hilmer Lodge Stadium was set to host the 2020 Olympic Trials for Track & Field, before bowing out to Oregon’s Hayward Field stadium.

If you are a resident of Walnut and wish to file a legal case, you may do so at the courthouse of the adjacent city of West Covina. To assist you, it is highly suggested that you obtain the services of a lawyer. Allow Legalmatch to do that for you. Upon submission of the details of your legal concerns on our website, you should expect to get a response from a suitable local lawyer that has the expertise required for the best possible results.

If you prefer to avail of free legal aid, there are pro bono services available at the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the Los Angeles Family Law Center. This option, though, can take some time, because there is often a long waiting list of applications for consultation.

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(may not be the same place you live)

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