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Learn More About Antioch, CA

Located on the banks of the San Joaquin River, Antioch is one of the oldest cities in California (founded in 1850). Early industry in the city included farming and cattle raising, coal mining, and copper refining. Today Antioch is primarily a bedroom community for workers in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley with a population of approximately 91,000. Billed as the “Gateway to the Delta,” Antioch offers a variety of recreation activities, including swimming, skiing, and fishing in the city’s 294 acres of public parks and recreation areas. Other areas of interest include the Black Diamond Coal mines historical preserve, and the Contra Costa County Fair.

This quiet community is home to numerous Antioch lawyers. Antioch lawyers can assist you in legal matters involving businesses disputes, personal injury actions, preparing a will or trust, estate planning, family law disputes, or any other issue you may face.

In the News: Lawyers in Antioch recently defended the city against a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Association. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of section 8 African-American living in Antioch, claims that the city and its police department engaged in coercion, intimidation, and threats in violation of state and federal laws which prohibit racial discrimination. The city counters that police only responded to residences which were complained about by the local community, and did not specifically target Section 8 residents. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Antioch is part of the California legal system; the system is comprised of local trial courts, superior courts, courts of appeal, and the state supreme court. Lawyers in Antioch may argue your case in the Contra Costa County Superior Court, the 1st District Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of California. If you have a case in Antioch, a local lawyer can help you in navigating the court system.

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