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Learn More About South Gate, CA

South Gate, California is a city which resides in the county of Los Angeles and has a population of 103,000 residents. The name South Gate is a reference to the city’s geographic location, which is just south of Los Angeles. South Gate was one of ten cities in 1990 to receive the All-American City Award from the National Civic League. The award is the oldest community recognition program in the United States. The National Civic League identified South Gate as a city whose residents work together on challenges impacting the community. In addition to being an All-American City Award recipient, South Gate is where famed pilot Amelia Earhart was trained to be a pilot
Lawyers practicing in South Gate will have the majority of their cases heard in Los Angeles Superior Court. The Los Angeles Superior Court is a court of general jurisdiction which means that most civil and criminal cases will be heard there. There are also divisions within the Los Angeles Superior Court to hear all juvenile, family, and probate cases.
Lawyers in South Gate specialize in a variety of legal fields. South Gate lawyers are able to represent a client’s family law case and bankruptcy filing. Also, South Gate lawyers can be found who specialize in business, employment, real estate, and immigration law.
When looking for a qualified lawyer to represent your case in South Gate, LegalMatch is the ideal tool. LegalMatch has a large directory of pre-screened lawyers in South Gate, all of whom are in good standing with the State Bar of California, and who specialize in the area of law related to your case. LegalMatch will allow you to review a lawyer’s qualifications, rates, and availability for free and at no obligation. LegalMatch takes the guess work out of picking a qualified lawyer.
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