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Learn More About Florence-Graham, CA

Florence-Graham is a census designated place in Los Angeles County that plays host to 60,000 people who live in the Florence and Graham Communities. Florence-Graham rests just outside the South Los Angeles city limits and is popular among employees looking for a more suburban setting.

A number of Florence-Graham residents are practicing Los Angeles area lawyers who are familiar with the courts and their respective filing procedures. Lawyers in Florence-Graham represent their clients on a wide variety of topics, some regulars include chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, restraining orders, and criminal cases like DUI, drug possession, and felony charges.

Recently in Florence-Graham, Julian Nolasco was shot and killed by Los Angeles police officers at 59th Street and Avalon Boulevard in Florence. Nolasco was being chased by police after allegedly car jacking a woman at gunpoint. Police stated that Nolasco stopped at the intersection and open fired at the officers. None of the officers were hit but they did kill him when they returned fire. An investigation by the sheriffs department is underway.

If you are facing criminal charges in Florence-Graham, you will be probably be summoned by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are responsible for hearing most cases that arise in the Florence-Graham area but do not handle immigration issues. The U.S. Immigration Court in Los Angeles takes care of immigration issues like visas and green cards.

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