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Learn More About San Carlos, CA

San Carlos is located in San Mateo County in the state of California. As of 2008, the city’s population is listed at 27,000. It was officially incorporated in 1925, though its history is closely linked with the initial settlement of the entire Bay Area in general. It is locally known as “The City of Good Living”.

San Carlos may have been settled as early as the 1760’s, with the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the Bay Area. During that time, the name of the King of Spain was Carlos III, and the first ship to sail in the San Francisco Bay was the San Carlos, from which the city derived its name. San Carlos was initially an agricultural community, until population began to grow in the 1940’s and 50’s.

The city’s growth was due to the opening of electronics productions plants in the city. Several other manufacturing plants were then introduced, and today electronics is still one of San Carlos’ main industries. Currently the city maintains a small town feel and showcases many small shops and restaurants downtown. The city hosts many seasonal community events such as “Hot Harvest Nights” and the “Hometown Days Carnival”.

A legal case from November of 2007 illustrates San Carlos’ involvement in the manufacturing industries. The case involved a contract dispute between San Carlos-based company Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR), and Pfizer Inc. Pfizer agreed to pay NKTR $135 million in satisfaction of contractual duties relating to the sale of an inhaled insulin product. The multi-million dollar agreement also included an agreement that Pfizer would transfer its remaining legal rights in the product if NKTR is able to find another development partner. Pfizer cited disappointing sales and a recent $2.8 billion charge as its reasons for seeking a contract settlement. In spite of the contract dispute, the companies have agreed to continue work on other medical products projects.

Legal claims involving contract disputes can often have far-reaching consequences that affect many people, both employers and employees. If you feel that you have a legal dispute, whether it relates to contracts or other issues, it is very important to secure a lawyer. There are many lawyers in the San Carlos area and can help connect you with the right one. LegalMatch is an online service that matches attorneys with clients for free.

Cases arising in the city of San Carlos are heard at the San Mateo County Superior Court. The superior court has jurisdiction over all types of civil and criminal cases. The court also offers alternative dispute resolution services for certain cases.

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