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Learn More About Thousand Oaks, CA

Named for the many oak trees that adorn the surrounding area, Thousand Oaks was incorporated in 1964, and is well known for being one of the only cities in the country to remain true to the planned community design. The city has been named as one of the best places to live by Money Magazine and consistently has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation for a city of its size. Thousand Oaks also has one of the best public library systems in California which consists of the Grant R. Brimhall Library which has a separate Children’s Library that contains a 3800 gallon saltwater fish tank.

If you are facing legal troubles in Thousand Oaks, there are many talented Thousand Oaks lawyers available to represent you. These legal professionals regularly practice in areas of law such as personal injury, bankruptcy, DUI, assault and battery, wills and estates, immigration, divorce, child custody, and many others.

A Thousand Oaks car wash is facing a class action suit brought by most of the employees of the company. The lawsuit alleges that the car wash did not pay its employees for the first month of work, and often threatened to call immigration services as a deterrent to make sure the workers, many of whom were undocumented immigrants, did not file any formal complaints. The Thousand Oaks car wash allegedly made workers show up at 8:00am, but did not start paying them until the first car came in, and often made the employees work a ten hour day with no lunch break. The wages were also allegedly under the California minimum wage.

If you have a case that arose in Thousand Oaks, you will probably have to report to the Superior Court of California for the County of Ventura. This court has the jurisdiction to hear both civil and criminal cases and handles a majority of the lawsuits that arise in Thousand Oaks. If you need help filing your lawsuit in this court, a local attorney is the right person to ask for assistance. is here to help you with your search for a Thousand Oaks lawyer. On our site, you can find useful tips on selecting the right legal professional, and general information on your. We also pre-screen all of the attorneys that we have in our database to make sure that only lawyers with a clean bar record will be matched with your case. There’s no reason to delay, let LegalMatch help you find the right attorney for your case.

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