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Learn More About National City, CA

National City, CA is known as one of the most historic cities in San Diego County. National City’s Victorian heritage is one of its more important assets. The city holds four buildings in the City that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places: Granger Music Hall, Brick Row on Heritage Square, St. Matthews Episcopal Church, and the Santa Fe Rail Depot. Furthermore, the city is home to several shopping malls, many of which have gone through massive transformations and serve up to 5 million people from all throughout San Diego County.

Recently, National City residents received news that their San Diego County mayor had been convicted of one count of wire fraud conspiracy, five counts of wire fraud, and three counts of extortion. Acting Mayor Michael Zucchet and Councilman Ralph Inzunza were also convicted on federal corruption charges in San Diego County. The jury found that the politicians conspired with a strip club owner to ease restrictions on the clubs. Las Vegas lobbyist Lance Malone was also convicted with conspiracy and wire fraud charges. This has been one of the biggest political corruption cases in San Diego County in 30 years.

Residents of National City are served by the Superior Court of California County of San Diego South Regional Center. This court hears domestic, criminal, juvenile, tort, contract, and real property cases. If you are contemplating a suit then it is essential to have a National City lawyer that knows the laws of not only National City but also San Diego County. National City lawyers practice in many areas of law including employment, immigration, and criminal law.

Finding the right National City lawyer can be a time consuming and frustrating process. LegalMatch gives you the power to confidentially review the experience, availability, track record, and cost of pre-screened National City lawyers. Our service can save you time and money so that you may choose an attorney that best suits your needs. All of the lawyers on LegalMatch are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and this entire service is at no cost to you.

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