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Learn More About Agoura Hills, CA

The city of Agoura Hills is located in Los Angeles County, California. The 2018 U.S. Census reported that it had a population of 20,472. What was once a farming/ranching community has soon become a thriving suburb for the rich and famous, with exclusive gated communities and private schools.

As of 2019, the average cost of houses in Agoura Hills is around $600,000. This is considerably higher compared to other cities in California, and especially in the United States.

However, locals suggest you to consider real estate appreciation rates in order to help you determine if a new home is a worthy investment. Home brokers or agents may guide you in the process. Additionally, Agoura Hills has a much lower crime rate than the national average.

There are many local amenities such as grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks in Agoura Hills. Paramount Ranch is one of the most notable state parks and was once owned by Paramount Studios, and later donated to the State of California. Because of its western motif, it was used as the setting for many famous movies and television shows such as “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and “Westworld.”

That said, if you’re considering to settle down, this city would have all the comforts you would want. Aside from necessities, there are also a lot of fun things to enjoy around the area. Like a unique and popular music scene. This city is home to metal subgenre, nu metal – in which the band Linkin Park is famous for. Rock band Hoobastank also started out here.

If you’re planning to have kids, then Agoura Hills is the perfect place. Its schools rank high for test scores. Its average test score is higher than the national average. Agoura Hills is home to the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD). Some of the top-rated public schools in LVUSD include Yerba Buena Elementary School, Round Meadow Elementary School, and Agoura High School.

Aside from the music industry, there are also employment opportunities in Agoura Hills such as the Bank of America, Las Virgenes Unified School District, Teradyne, Touch Commerce, and IBM Corporation. There are many production and film opportunities as well due to the city’s flourishing television and movie industry.

In 2003, the famous environmental activist Erin Brockovich was able to settle her lawsuit alleging toxic mold in her Agoura Hills home. She received settlements of $430,000 from two parties and an undisclosed amount from a third party.

Overall, Agoura Hills, CA is a desirable place to live in.

(may not be the same place you live)

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