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Learn More About San Diego County, CA

San Diego County lies in the southwest corner of California, and boasts a population of about 3.1 million.   San Diego County is bordered by the magnificent Pacific Ocean and is well-known for its sunny, mild climate.  San Diego County offers many attractions, including miles of attractive beaches, a world-renowned zoo, and a number of popular parks.

;Given San Diego County’s emphasis on outdoor attractions, it is not surprising that it was first in the nation to enact a law prohibiting smoking within a short distance of playgrounds. Although California has long been at the forefront of indoor smoke protections for employees and the public, until San Diego County’s new law, outdoor tobacco smoke was left largely unregulated.

San Diego County, like much of California, has suffered recently under the foreclosure crisis. San Diego County offers its residents a unique service, however: the Home Owner Mobil Education Clinic (HOME Clinic), which is sponsored by the Housing Opportunities Collaborative. The HOME Clinics were started in June 2007 to help homeowners who were having difficulty making their mortgage payments. The HOME Clinics are staffed by attorneys, housing counselors, consumer protection advocates, mortgage advisors, and other nonprofit organization representatives.

San Diego County is among the top 30 legal markets in the U.S. Many lawyers in San Diego County belong to the San Diego County Bar Association, which provides educational and networking tools to its members. A number of San Diego County lawyers pursue specialized areas of law and are active members of a Bar Association committee, such as the Legal Ethics Committee or the Children at Risk Committee.

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