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Learn More About Indio, CA

Indio is a growing community in the Coachella desert valley of Southern California. Once a major crossroads for road and rail lines, today Indio is a growing suburban community of neighboring Riverside and San Bernardino. Indio holds the curious distinction of being the first city to incorporate painted road lanes delineating opposite lanes of traffic, a development now considered standard for almost every road in the world.

Indio Historical Lawsuit: California v. Harada is a case that changed American immigration law in the beginning of the 20th century. Harada, a Japanese immigrant, bought land for his American born children. His children’s ownership rights were challenged under the “Alien Land Law,” which prevented Asian immigrants from possessing real property. The case overturned the law and allowed children of foreign born immigrants who are US citizens to own land.

Indio attorneys practice in the Superior Court of Riverside County. Different courts in California have different rules, but a local Indio lawyer will know the specific procedures governing your courts. Procedural rules can sometimes be the difference between your case being heard and you being tossed out of court.

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